Experience and Simplicity

Consulting and development for your project.

We are an SAP consulting firm specialized in process automation and artificial intelligence.

We combine the best talents and the best solutions to make our clients more efficient and competitive.

We seek the best work environment and the best level of service, so that we are always the first choice between talents and clients.

Our years of experience enable us to work side by side with clients delivering meaningful results.

This is Escotta.


 Will to Win

It is our fuel, it is what moves us and makes us wake up every day with a very strong feeling of doing better, of going beyond and never settling. We only know we have done our best when our goals have been achieved because giving up is not an option.


Value their life stories, abilities and different personalities. Encourage them to take on challenges and risks every day. Reward their efforts and results fairly. This is how we choose to work with people.



We always work to keep our DNA uncomplicated so that we have quick adaptation to clients’ needs and day-to-day situations. There is no room for bureaucracy on our boat. We are light and agile meaning we do our best without excesses.

 High Performance

We seek the highest standards of delivery in terms of quality and agility. We are a result-driven company that looks for people who have the profile and strength to work at high productivity.

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