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The accounting and tax professionals are aware of the importance of delivering reports adequately, based on the results and with the adjustments determined by the tax legislation, quarterly or monthly calculation generating IRPJ (Corporate taxes) and CSLL (Net profit taxes reporting) taxes.

This calculation includes company’s results and its additions, exclusions, benefits such as Worker’s Feeding Program (PAT), donations to the child and adolescent’s funds, donations to the elderly fund, cultural or artistic activities and tax losses calculated in periods, limited to compensation of thirty percent of net income. In addition to direct deductions, the legislation provides for a number of other incentives that can eventually be leveraged by taxpayers, such as accelerated depreciation and incentive to technological innovation.

Workload on tax foreclosure

It is also common for professionals in these areas the pressure to delivery results on the closing deadlines for each period, especially for multinationals that normally must present their results in currencies, pronouncements and national and international accounting standards. This scenario presents an inherent risk to the process with possible problems and errors when the calculation and calculation of the result, with all its additions and exclusions to the IRPJ and CSLL calculation basis, is being performed manually.

Automating the calculation and determination of IRPJ and CSLL

Automate the tax reportng and calculation of your company’s IRPJ and CSLL with a solution that fits your current result calculation process and provides additional tools so you can parameterize all result, additions, deletions, benefits and recovery accounts tax losses in previous years, and obtain the calculation and accounting calculation automatically and securely.

IRPJ and CSLL calculation

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