Dont waste your time and money.

Choose wisely. Choose Escotta.

Escotta     Competitors    
Team SeniorityKnowledge in SAP and processes, how it should be.The price is for a senior.
Quality on the DeliveryNo Surprises.
On time and running well.
Don't test a lot, or…
ManagementClose, flexible and engaged to needs.Yeah, at least the 50 excel methodology worksheets are up to date.
BureaucracyNope. Call me on my cell and we'll get it fixed right away.Uh, you're gonna have to open a ticket.
Fast ProposalsNo more than 5 business days.Wait for your turn.
Your call is very important to us.
PriceFair price for an excellent delivery.You pay for the work, rework, "more rework"…
What comes after that?
InnovationBelieve, applications, artificial intelligence and other innovations really exist!Tired of the digital transformation and industry 4.0 speech without seeing anything effective?
Customer Experience
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