Project Types

Evolution with Escotta.

Escotta - Tipos de Projeto


We work with all type of SAP projects:
• New modules implementation;
• Creation or review on the business processes;
• Minor improvements and corrections;

Our team acts over many areas of expertise:
• Sales and Distribution – SD;
• Material Management – MM;
• Finance – FI;
• Costs/Controlling – CO;
• Logistics Execution – LES | Transportation;
• Warehouse Management – WM;
• Production– PP;
• Quality – QM;
• Project Management – PS;
• Maintenance Management – PM;
• Development – ABAP/Webdynpro;
• Integration/Interfaces – PI/PO;
• Infraestructure – Basis;


Adding new companies to prodctive enviroments require experience and care,
especially in global organizations with sesveral operations running
24/7 around the world. Our technical and management team has
already conducted dozens of projects of this nature, being able
to lead roll-outs of great complexity.

How can we help?

Business Model
• Undestand and follow corporate processes
• Map Brazilian locations impactas (fiscal and and accounting issues))

Methodology Implementation
• Define future processes correctly (corporate template + localization))
• Carefully address data migration and developments
• Test with great quality
• Train and support a well orchestrade Go-Live into production

Escotta - Roll Out
Escotta - Estrutura Organizacional

Organizational Structure

Structure changes are very common in organizational routines,
wheter due organic growth or even a strategic goal, such as commercial, legal or fiscal.
For all these situations, SAP adjustments must be made fast as possible,
being, overall, effectively and inexpensively.

Count on Escotta for making the most varied adapations on your business.
• News Structures – Companies, Branches and Plants.
• Changes – Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint-Ventures.


Every year, a big part from the company’s IT budget is intended
to adjustments required by the Brazilian Legislation  

Escotta helps customers to use thse incvestmentes in the best way.
Reducing costs, implementing with quallity and efficiency,
ensuring deadlines and minimizing risks. 

Quote your fiscals projects with Escotta
• NTs – Technical Notes
• New tax obligations and reports
• Processes changes (tax calculation, accuonting postings, etc.

Escotta - Fiscal
Escotta - SAP


Escotta - SAP 4Hana


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