Purchase quotation automation.

Purchase quotation automation flow for your business.

Purchase quotations flow

When we talk about the flow of purchase quotes, most companies have well defined rules, with minimum number of approvers, deadlines and return standardization. However, when we talk about using this flow within SAP, many buyers are resistant to it. The process provided by SAP is not practical for day-to-day use, generates a lot of manual activity and does not meet the company’s needs.

Manual activities

This is due to 2 reasons: excess of manual activities to fill the price return and lack of knowledge of the standard and supply processes

The standard quotation flow in SAP sends a PDF to the participating quote providers but does not get a feedback. And it is precisely in this return of information that the standard flow leaves something to be desired. Each supplier can offer their quotation in a different way, from different means (telephone, fax, e-mail).

It is up to the buyer to check every quote made available by their suppliers and manually charge prices in SAP. In practice, the vast majority enter only the winning quote, and the whole process of choosing and tracking prices goes out of the system.

The solution

Escotta’s solution complements SAP’s standard solution, focusing on where it is most deficient: the quotations return process.

Our solution sends a formatted spreadsheet to all suppliers, who will directly fill in their respective prices and from the spreadsheet itself will load their budgets, maintain a quotes standard so they receive with quantity and values, and notify the responsible buyer in the same time adding the quote to to SAP  with the attachments available from the supplier, allowing a more agile process.

In this way, all quotations received are updated in SAP, keeping all the history and traceability of quoted prices and respective info records updated, helping even in internal auditing processes, regardless of the winning supplier.


Our solution will bring to your company as many benefits from as a supplier portal, without the need to pay for licensing for it.

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