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SAP Consulting

We work to define a new level of service and delivery quality in the SAP consulting world.
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Why Escotta?

We place the customer at the center of all our operations and initiatives.

Our way of working is carefully thought out to provide a different experience in our client’s daily life, as we know that they already have several challenges to overcome and the SAP partner cannot be one more.

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Our services were designed to help your business on the most variated segments os a SAP Project, starting in processes implementation, updates, improvement or tool updates from several sectors.

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    Project types

    We are ready to work on many types of project in SAP consulting. Meet our scope of work:

    Icon - Fiscal Area - Home - Escotta Consulting

    Every year a big part of the company’s IT budget is destined to adjustments required by the Brazilian legislation.

    Escotta helps customers to use these investments in the best way, reducing costs, implementing quickly and with quality, ensuring deadlines and minimizing risks.

    Budget your fiscal projects with Escotta:

    • NTs – Technical Notes
    • New tax obligations and reports
    • Process changes (tax calculation, accounting postings, etc.)
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    Organizational Structure

    Structure changes are very common in organizational routines whether due to organic growth or strategic goal such as commercial, legal, and fiscal. For all of these situations SAP adjustments must be made quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Count on Escotta to make the most varied adaptations:

    • New Structures – New companies, Branches and Plants;
    • Changes – Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures.
    Icon - Estructure and organizational - Home - Escotta Consulting

    Adding new companies to productive environments require experience and care, especially in global organizations with diverse operations running 24×7 around the world. Our technical and management team has already conducted dozens of projects of this nature, being able to lead roll-outs of great complexity. How can we help?

    • Understand and follow corporate processes
    • Map Brazilian localization impacts (fiscal and accounting issues)
    • Define future process correctly (corporate template + localization)
    • Carefully address data migration and developments
    • Test with great quality
    • Train and support a well orchestrated Go-Live into production
    Icon - Especific Projects - Home - Escotta Consulting
    Other Projects

    We work with all types of SAP projects:

    • Implementation of new modules
    • Create or review business  processes
    • Minor improvements and corrections

    Our team works with many areas of expertise:

    • Sales and Distribution – SD
    • Material Management – MM
    • Finance – FI
    • Costs / Controlling – CO
    • Logistics Execution- LES | Transportation
    • Warehouse Management – WM
    • Production – PP
    • Quality – QM
    • Projects Management – PS
    • Maintenance Management – PM
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    Despite the large number of mobile technologies available, few companies are able to adopt mobility as a strategy for innovation and productivity gains.

    There is a world of possibilities to be explored and often the first step is to include a hint of mobility in your traditional day-to-day projects, taking advantage of investments already approved.

    Understand how we can help you activate SAP Fiori applications and develop Android/iOS custom applications quickly and inexpensively.

    Imagem Destaque - Mobilidade - Escotta Consulting
    Ícone - Construa Apps Personalizados - Mobilidade - Escotta Consulting
    Build Custom Apps

    – Android & iOS
    – Designed and prototyped for your business

    Ícone - Utilize a Escotta Cloud - Mobilidade - Escotta Consulting
    Use the Escotta Cloud

    – Hosting services for applications
    – App X SAP integration
    – Permission control
    – Advanced services (crawlers, image recognition, among others)

    Ícone - + Mobilidade com SAP Fiori - Mobilidade - Escotta Consulting
    + Mobility with SAP Fiori

    – Customize and simplify the user experience through SAP Fiori applications. Make use of the integrated mobile solutions for SAP S/4HANA:

    • Standard and Custom Applications
    • Robust integration and access infrastructure


    SAP often updates its solutions to fix bugs, prevent incidents, add new features, meet legal obligations, and more.

    Escotta is prepared to apply these updates and assist customers in the full operation of their operations.

    • Kernel
    • Database
    • Support Packages
    • Enhancement Packages
    • Upgrades
    • S/4HANA migration
    • Technical Notes




    Migrations and Copies

    Due to the wide range of versions advances on new technologies and platforms, many customers are looking to adopt or try out new features. So, infrastructure operations are required, such as:

    Ícone - Migração Homogênea - Migrações e Cópias - Infraestrutura - Escotta Consulting
    Homogeneous System Copy
    Ícone - Migração Heterogênea - Migrações e Cópias - Infraestrutura - Escotta Consulting
    Heterogeneous Migration

    OS / DB Migration

    Ícone - Cópia Homogênea - Migrações e Cópias - Infraestrutura - Escotta Consulting
    Homogeneous Copy

    Creation of new environments via copy and refresh

    Ícone - Cópia de Mandante - Migrações e Cópias - Infraestrutura - Escotta Consulting
    Client copy
    Ícone - Solution Manager - Infraestrutura - Escotta Consulting

    Solution Manager

    Solution Manager (SOLMAN) helps companies manage their SAP applications.

    Count on our infrastructure team to act in the most diverse activities:

    • Features installation and setup
    • Connection to managed systems (Managed Systems Configuration)
    • Early Watch Alert – Standard recommendations reports, improvements and points of attention in the landscape
    • Technical Monitoring – Setting monitoring metrics and tracking alerts
    • Data Volume Management – Data volume management, database growth, and point identification for cleaning and archiving
    • Landscape Management – Centralized environments information, enabling better support and starting point for updates
    • Root Cause Analysis – Data collection and performance tracking, errors and configurations, aiming at identifying the root cause of problems
    Imagem em Destaque - Solution Manager - Infraestrutura - Escotta Consulting

    SAP S/4 HANA

    SAP HANA was initially introduced as a platform for large data processing, using a technology with the concept of in-memory computing.

    Dozens of new applications have emerged based on HANA, and virtually the entire SAP portfolio has been redesigned to take advantage of this new technology.

    In a short time, HANA has become a powerful innovation platform that can help businesses thrive in the digital age.

    First of all,

    what is HANA?

    What about SAP S/4HANA?

    It is the new generation of SAP ERP rewritten to run on the HANA platform. SAP S/4HANA is designed for today’s needs which go far beyond supporting companies only in their traditional management processes.

    SAP S/4HANA also assumes the mission of generating competitive differentials through cutting-edge technology:

    Ícone - Inteligência Analítica - SAP S/4 HANA - Escotta Consulting
    Analytical intelligence

    Real-time information and the best insights for decision-making

    Ícone - Integração - SAP S/4 HANA - Escotta Consulting

    Ability to integrate the most diverse technologies and applications, simplifying the IT architecture

    Ícone - Mobilidade - SAP S/4 HANA - Escotta Consulting

    Fast and easy development of the most varied applications

    Ícone - Experiência do Usuário - SAP S/4 HANA - Escotta Consulting
    User experience

    Easy usability through custom interfaces with SAP Fiori.

    Ícone - Escotta é velocidade e direção para os seus projetos SAP! - Escotta Consulting

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