Fiscal and automations solutions for your project.

Escotta is continually working to provide solutions that help our clients to comply with legislation (tax solutions) or to increase the efficiency of their processes (automation solutions).

Tax Solutions

They aim to comply with Brazilian legislation, for example, technical notes, changes in tax calculation, among others.

The strategy is to always use the solutions released by SAP, complementing with features developed specifically by Escotta.

Automation Solutions

They are micro-solutions that integrate seamlessly into our customers’ SAP environments, increasing process efficiency through automation of repetitive activities, improved validations, using artificial intelligence, and more techniques.

We are always looking to fill in the gaps in the standard solution, improving processes and helping customers solve day-to-day challenges, often small but impacting on their productivity.

Purchase Quotation Automation

Our solution sends a formatted spreadsheet to all suppliers, who will directly fill in their respective prices and from the spreadsheet itself will load their budgets, maintain a quotes standard


We are at a time when companies need to increase the productivity of their teams and processes so that they remain competitive in the long run.


Automate corporate tax return calculation (IRPJ and CSLL) including every account , additions, exclusions, benefits and recoveries of losses.
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