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Escotta Solutions

Escotta is continually working to provide solutions that help our clients to comply with legislation (tax solutions) or to increase the efficiency of their processes (automation solutions).

Tax Solutions

They aim to comply with Brazilian legislation, for example, technical notes, changes in tax calculation, among others.

The strategy is to always use the solutions released by SAP, complementing with features developed specifically by Escotta.

Automation Solutions

They are micro-solutions that integrate seamlessly into our customers’ SAP environments, increasing process efficiency through automation of repetitive activities, improved validations, using artificial intelligence, and more techniques.

We are always looking to fill in the gaps in the standard solution, improving processes and helping customers solve day-to-day challenges, often small but impacting on their productivity.

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Our services were designed to help your business on the most variated segments of a SAP Project, starting in processes implementation, updates, improvement or tool updates from several sectors.

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    Tired of entering purchase quotes manually?

    Stop it now! Find out how:

    Purchase quotation automation

    When we talk about the flow of purchase quotes, most companies have well defined rules, with minimum number of approvers, deadlines and return standardization. However, when we talk about using this flow within SAP, many buyers are resistant to it.

    The process provided by SAP is not practical for day-to-day use, generates a lot of manual activity and does not meet the company’s needs.

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    Quotations Flow

    Manual activities

    This is due to 2 reasons: excess of manual activities to fill the price return and lack of knowledge of the standard and supply processes. The standard quotation flow in SAP sends a PDF to the participating quote providers but does not get a feedback. And it is precisely in this return of information that the standard flow leaves something to be desired. Each supplier can offer their quotation in a different way, from different means (telephone, fax, e-mail).

    It is up to the buyer to check every quote made available by their suppliers and manually charge prices in SAP. In practice, the vast majority enter only the winning quote, and the whole process of choosing and tracking prices goes out of the system.

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    The solution

    Escotta’s solution complements SAP’s standard solution, focusing on where it is most deficient: the quotations return process.

    Our solution sends a formatted spreadsheet to all suppliers, who will directly fill in their respective prices and from the spreadsheet itself will load their budgets, maintain a quotes standard so they receive with quantity and values, and notify the responsible buyer in the same time adding the quote to to SAP  with the attachments available from the supplier, allowing a more agile process.

    In this way, all quotations received are updated in SAP, keeping all the history and traceability of quoted prices and respective info records updated, helping even in internal auditing processes, regardless of the winning supplier.


    Our solution will bring to your company as many benefits from as a supplier portal, without the need to pay for licensing for it. Please contact us to know more details of our quote automation solution.


    Want to know more about SAP NFe Inbound?

    Our team is ready to help you:

    SAP NFe Inbound: Automation and Productivity Increase in fiscal goods invoice receipt

    We are at a time when companies need to increase the productivity of their teams and processes so that they remain competitive in the long run. The technology has been evolving with each passing day, bringing more opportunities for improvement.

    In Brazil, companies have the additional effort to carry out their daily fiscal goods invoice receipts. In addition to the need to enter various information in a manually, it is necessary for the staff to keep track of the invoices as they are sent by the suppliers, with proper accounting of the taxes, and finally the XML document storage, so that it is in accordance with Brazilian law.

    Besides the great effort that is necessary to be applied in this area by the corporations in our country, this bureaucracy also causes operational losses and fiscal risks. It is necessary that the receiving staff, often at the plant concierge, have fiscal knowledge. In some cases having to be responsible for making decisions to refuse an invoice from the supplier at the time the truck has arrived at its destination.

    Apart from all the points already mentioned, there is still a risk of incorrect entry of data, such as wrong order purchase information, improper entry, and tax accounting problems, increasing the chances of incurring penalties.

    With the SAP Nfe Inbound solution, you can automate most of the goods incoming invoices in your company. Not only purchase invoices, but also transfers, subcontracting and diverse movements like repair returns, demonstration entries among others.

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    Fiscal goods invoice receipt:

    Your company can improve with SAP NFe Inbound

    What is it possible to automate?

    The tool allows many validations, which were previously provided at the time the truck arrives at its final destination, to be made at the time the invoice is issued. If any inconsistencies are found, you can reject the receipt of the invoice even before the supplier dispatches it.

    In this way, all the tax’s intelligence analysis does not have to be distributed in various points of entry of the company. It can and should be centralized with a team specialized in fiscal analysis, thus freeing the collection team at the plants to perform the operational activities, which are limited to inform the access key of the Invoice and the quantity of materials received.

    To further reduce operational stress and risk in manual operations, if the vendor does not clearly identify the order that originated the invoice, our solution aggregates artificial intelligence algorithms that return the most appropriate order.

    Finally, the tool drastically reduces the manual user interaction for the receipt of invoice in the system, reducing errors and consequently the fiscal risks.

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    Learn more about automated corporate tax return calculation

    (IRPJ and CSLL)

    Have questions? Our team is ready to help you:

    Automated Corporate Tax Return Calculation (IRPJ and CSLL): Calculation automation for your business

    The accounting and tax professionals are aware of the importance of delivering reports adequately, based on the results and with the adjustments determined by the tax legislation, quarterly or monthly calculation generating IRPJ (Corporate taxes) and CSLL (Net profit taxes reporting) taxes.

    This calculation includes company’s results and its additions, exclusions, benefits such as Worker’s Feeding Program (PAT), donations to the child and adolescent’s funds, donations to the elderly fund, cultural or artistic activities and tax losses calculated in periods, limited to compensation of thirty percent of net income. In addition to direct deductions, the legislation provides for a number of other incentives that can eventually be leveraged by taxpayers, such as accelerated depreciation and incentive to technological innovation.

    Workload on tax foreclosure

    It is also common for professionals in these areas the pressure to delivery results on the closing deadlines for each period, especially for multinationals that normally must present their results in currencies, pronouncements and national and international accounting standards.

    This scenario presents an inherent risk to the process with possible problems and errors when the calculation and calculation of the result, with all its additions and exclusions to the IRPJ and CSLL calculation basis, is being performed manually.

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    Automated Corporate Tax Return Calculation

    IRPJ and CSLL

    Automating the calculation and determination of IRPJ and CSLL

    Automate the tax reportng and calculation of your company’s IRPJ and CSLL with a solution that fits your current result calculation process and provides additional tools so you can parameterize all result, additions, deletions, benefits and recovery accounts tax losses in previous years, and obtain the calculation and accounting calculation automatically and securely.

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