Upgrade to NF-e 4.0 with us!

New NF-e layout

At the end of 2017, the invoice electronic (Nota Fiscal Eletrônica) version 4.0 layout was made available by SEFAZ. To avoid overloads of maintenance for both companies and SEFAZ itself, these updates are carried out periodically, usually one to two years, with occasional changes due to changes in legislation.

With each new layout change, the government provides a deadline for companies to adapt. During this period, both the old and new versions are accepted by SEFAZ.

The electronic invoice-NFe 4.0 version, initially was expected to start operating in August 2017, but it was postponed to early 2018.

The old version, layout 3.1, can be used until early July 2018 and after that period it will no longer be accepted.

What has changed?

In this new version some new fields have been added but are not required for all companies in all their operations. Fields such as the ANVISA code for medicines, and a new product traceability group are unique to products subject to health regulations.

New fields related to the FCP (Poverty Alleviation Fund) were also added for internal or interstate operations with incidence of ICMS ST.

In addition to the modification in the layout, this new version brings new field-filling validations and technical changes with the aim of simplifying and increasing the security in NF-e transmissions. One of the most significant changes is the replacement for security reasons of the protocol SSL by TLS protocol 1.2 or superior.

Upgrade to NF-e 4.0 with Escotta

We deliver full NFe 4.0 upgrade options according to all necessary rules, including PI upgrade, technical notes, pricing changes and testing.

For more details of what has been modified and what needs to be adjusted in your company to meet the new electronic invoice layout, contact us and request a quotation from our solution already active in several clients.

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